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About Us

Tasttlig Corporation

Tasttlig Corporation is in Toronto Ontario.  We build technology to promote multiculturalism. Our products enable people to discover new culture through food, arts and entertainment. 

Our Vision

 Our vision is to showcase the world in the best possible light.  We think people need to be dignified when they are seeking help on hard times.

Our Mission

Our Mission is  to provide income opportunities for Caterers, chefs,  and artists new to Canada through events, experiences and technologies. 

Our Objective

Poverty Reduction using food as a catalyst for social and economic change among Canada's growing Immigrants. . We want to remove barriers for Economic Access to New Comer Canadians interested in getting into hospitality Industry as Caterers, Cooks or Chefs.

SDP Goals

We are part of the employment table in Regent Park collaborating with the City of Toronto and other organizations working to fulfill the SDP goals.  Tasttlig is on the employment  and economic table. We have a goal to help 30-50 New Comer Canadian start their own food catering businesses.

Help Our Cause

Your support and contributions will enable us to continue building platforms to enable people to come together. Your generous donation will fund our mission.

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